• Bluegrass on a mission trip

    A mission team from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY recently took the Gospel, and some bluegrass, on a mission trip to Newfoundland. The team consisted of 19 students and faculty members from the seminary. The team put together

  • Bluegrass Gospel Homiletics

    In the lyrics from the opening track (Show 'EM Your Sermon) of his 2004 album, The Gospel In Black And White, Marty Raybon insists that your life may be the only sermon someone will ever hear. If that someone is

  • Modern Parables with a bluegrass soundtrack

    If you've ever read the Gospel accounts of Jesus' life, you've run across these stories he would tell called parables. They are stories meant to teach a lesson. Sometimes modern day readers might find difficulty connecting with the cultural context of