• Sad news from Lonesome Highway

    West Virginia-based Lonesome Highway is in shock after learning that bass player, Cody Brown, and his girlfriend Anna Piel were seriously injured returning home early Sunday morning from band appearances over the weekend. According to banjo player John Arnold, Cody fell

  • What style bluegrass do you most enjoy

    Our latest poll asks Bluegrass Today readers which sort of bluegrass they enjoy most, and we hope you will take a few seconds to vote. The style distinctions are imperfect, and we purposely left out a response for "I like it

  • Traditional bluegrass in German

    It is becoming more and more common for bluegrass artists in non-English speaking parts of the world to write and sing songs in their native tongues. In the earliest days of bluegrass reaching beyond North America, most students of the music

  • LocalGrass: Fairview Avenue

    If you're from New York City, someone from 'upstate New York' is basically like someone from 'anywhere else.'  If you're a bluegrass band from 'Upstate New York,' you're not like anybody, from anywhere else. Altamont, NY-based Fairview Avenue is a testament