• Flatt & Scruggs mural at Bluegrass Island

    Work continues on the Bluegrass Island store in Manteo, NC ahead of its scheduled opening on March 1. Located across the road from the site where the annual Bluegrass Island festival is located on the beach, the store will serve as

  • Song of the Mountains mural in Marion

    The town of Marion, Virgina has become a familiar one to fans of bluegrass music based on the popularity of Song Of The Mountains, a live performance television show that airs on dozens of PBS affiliates across the US. Marion

  • Sir Walter goes banjo crazy!

    Last night when we arrived in Raleigh, there was a flurry of activity by the statue of Sir Walter Raleigh in front of the Raleigh Convention Center. Bland Hoke and his team from Wyoming were setting up a temporary art installation

  • Bluegrass Rural Roots mail art exhibit

    Have you ever visited a mail art exhibit? Are you familiar with the form? Generically, mail art is anything that can be or is sent via the postal system to a specific destination. These days, it refers to "found art" sent in

  • An intersection of bluegrass and art

    For all you delinquent bluegrass musicians out there who have yet to purchase your wife, or girlfriend, a Valentine's Day gift, we've got a solution for you. Get her a piece of jewelry that has roots in bluegrass music. DC based

  • Bluegrass jigsaw puzzle

    Bluegrass artist Karen Cannon has introduced a new vehicle for her original paintings. In addition to her art prints and cards, she now offers a jigsaw puzzle based on her popular Coon Holler Jam Session image. The puzzle consists of 1,000

  • Bluegrass Art from David Emory

    It's no secret that Bluegrass Today celebrates the intersection of musical art with other forms such as painting and drawing. So we're pleased to bring to your attention, another fine artist with an interest in bluegrass music. David Emory works with