• Somewhere Far Away – Blue Highway

    All too often, critics, pundits and the public as a whole seem intent on defining music by genre, opting for generalization simply for the sake of confining certain sounds to a comfortable niche. That, of course, isn’t only unfair, but

  • Gary Hultman to Blue Highway

    Here we are at the beginning of a new year, when bluegrass bands reshuffle the decks, and sidemen make the jump from group to group. We've already seen some major moves, exacerbated this time around by the dissolution of HighLand

  • Justin Moses to Blue Highway

    Blue Highway has announced a personnel change, with Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist Justin Moses stepping in on reso-guitar, replacing Gaven Largent who is leaving the band to focus on his passion for building and repairing resophonic guitars. Justin will serve as only the

  • Blue Highway back with KCA Artists

    Following an experiment bringing representation and management in house, Blue Highway has come back to familiar ground, announcing a return association with KCA Artists in Nashville. The agency, formerly known as Keith Case & Associates, is home to an impressive roster