• Pocket Lick: Banjo 2 app for iOS

    There's not much you can get for $0.99 these days. If you are a banjo player, you'd be lucky to get a single banjo string for a buck, much less a new pick, or some new licks to learn. But wait...

  • Kristin Scott Benson interview

    New York banjo picker and entrepreneur Bennett Sullivan has shared this video interview with Kristin Scott Benson which he recorded when she was up in his area recently. Kristin is the banjo picker with The Grascals, and has been named Banjo Player

  • Bright Star premiers this month

    Steve Martin's latest venture, a new musical called Bright Star, is set to premiere later this month in San Diego. The music, in the form of 25 new songs, was written by Martin with his performing partner Edie Brickell. Just

  • Pocket Lick apps for banjo and guitar

    As an instructor in ETSU’s Bluegrass, Old Time, and Country Music Studies program, and having taught several students privately as well, I’m well aware of the struggle many would-be students face when trying to learn to play a musical instrument.

  • Enter The Leeway

    From Brooklyn, NY comes another young band using bluegrass instruments to play grass-inflected pop music. The Leeway describes their style as Indie/Folk, but it seems likely to appeal to fans of modern, experimental bluegrass-based music, which we have described here before

  • Lady Nora – Bennett Sullivan

    We've written once before about Bennett Sullivan, a North Carolina banjo player now plying his trade in New York City. At the time we were covering his Kickstarter campaign to use crowd sourcing to finance recording a project of his original

  • Banjo in New York City?

    That's right folks, there is banjo music in the Big Apple. But you already knew that (didn't you?). Well, here's another NYC banjo story. It involves Bennett Sullivan, a transplanted Tar Heel now plying the five string trade in the Big