• Béla and Abby announce Echo In The Valley

    Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn have announced an October release for their new collaboration project, Echo In The Valley. Like their previous duo project, this one will be centered around these two highly celebrated banjoists, Béla an unrivaled master of the

  • Béla Fleck talks to the New York Times

    The New York Times hooked up yesterday with banjo hero Béla Fleck for a live, 45-minute interview/performance which they streamed in real time online. He was joined in a tiny studio by Jon Pareles, the paper's chief pop music critic, and

  • Saturday at Grey Fox ’16

    Saturday was full of options and activities for all ages. The family tent had music shows, puppet shows, face painting, and activities for kids. There were dance workshops, called dances (squares, contras, etc), and plenty of bands to dance in

  • The State of American Acoustic Music

    My fellow Americans: the state of acoustic music in our country is strong. Earlier last week in our Nation’s capital many were sitting down for principle. By week’s end, throngs were standing up in repeated ovation for American Acoustic music, recognizing

  • Béla Fleck on Sierra Hull

    When Sierra Hull's third Rounder album was released early this year, we talked with her about her personal artistic struggles that had delayed the completion of the project, how she resolved them with the help of banjo master Béla Fleck,

  • Banjo Concerto No. 2: Juno by Béla Fleck

    Somewhere in the midst of an album and EP with Abigail Washburn (with full-time touring and winning a Grammy), an album and touring with Chick Corea, performing his concerto, The Impostor, dozens of times, and being a father, the indefatigable Béla Fleck

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