• Mr. and Mrs. Kohrs

    Yesterday, April 27, long time companions and musical collaborators Randy Kohrs and Ashley Brown were married at a quiet, private ceremony in their Nashville home. Ashley said that they found a retired minister who was willing to come to the house,

  • Randy Kohrs: Quicksand

    The new CD from Randy Kohrs landed in my inbox a couple weeks ago, but I just found the time to listen to it recently. What a treat I had been denying myself! Randy and team have hit it out of

  • Jim Lauderdale video coming soon

    Jim Lauderdale has just wrapped up shooting and editing his new music video for This Is The Last Time I'm Ever Gonna' Hurt, from his current Yep Roc Records release, The Bluegrass Diaries. Shooting took place in the Fanny Mae Dees

  • Randy Kohrs: video shoot excitement

    Randy Kohrs and his band, The Lites, just wrapped a video shoot the other day for the next single from their current CD, Old Photograph. The song is titled Who's Goin' With Me. We told you about this shoot (here)