• Knee Deep in Bluegrass drops for Ashby Frank

    Knee Deep in Bluegrass is a Terry Baucom banjo instrumental through and through, complete with the punchy pull-offs, perfect timing, and powerful tone that are so undeniably the Duke of Drive's.  Ashby Frank re-cut the Bauc original with his own jamming

  • Paintball Gun – new single from Ashby Frank

    Mountain Home Records has released a final single this week for Ashby Frank, ahead of his Leaving Is Believing project's release on February 10. Frank, a celebrated multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter, has been been working in Nashville as a session player,

  • Christmas in Virginia from Ashby Frank

    Mountain Home Music has a new single for bluegrass singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ashby Frank, a reworking of Clinton Gregory's Christmas in Virginia. Gregory wrote this song with Ray Pennington and Jack Robertson, and released it back in 1993. Frank says this

  • Jump On It – new single from Ashby Frank

    Most folks in bluegrass know Ashby Frank as an extremely gifted singer, songwriter, and mandolinist, but not everyone realizes that he is also a very talented comedian. Frank was one half of the outrageously funny Darrell Brothers, along with Brandon