• The Darrell Brothers at IBMA

    You never know where these two crazy guys will turn up next. Daniel Mullins caught up with The Darrell Brothers during IBMA's Wide Open Bluegrass, and collected some of their wit and wisdom for the ages. The boys gave a quick

  • Healthcare Dot Gov video

    No one is safe! The Darrell Brothers have learned the basics of videography, and have followed up their Mountain Twerker video with a new one for their latest single, Healthcare Dot Gov. The song traces the issues one good ol' boy

  • Waitin’ on Healthcare Dot Gov

    The Darrell Brothers are back. Following up on their irreverent single, Mountain Twerker, the boys have a new song to share, with a message that will resonate with a lot of their fans. Healthcare Dot Gov tells of a good ol'

  • Mountain Twerker video released

    Hide your grandpas... the mountain twerking Granny is on the loose! The music video for Mountain Twerker, a single recently released by The Darrell Brothers, is now available as well. It tells the story of their dear old Granny, who the

  • Mountain Twerker video in production

    I suppose it was inevitable. A music video for Mountain Twerker by The Darrell Brothers has been shot and is currently being edited for release. It will more fully explicate the story, which had to be told, of their sainted grandmother

  • The Darrell Brothers push the limits

    The limits of good taste, that is. We've managed to survive the contentious weeks of bicycle chain hysteria, and kept bluegrass largely free of the twerking phenomenon re-ignited by a racy Miley Cyrus. * But no... we can't have nothin' nice. The