• Paintball Gun – new single from Ashby Frank

    Mountain Home Records has released a final single this week for Ashby Frank, ahead of his Leaving Is Believing project's release on February 10. Frank, a celebrated multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter, has been been working in Nashville as a session player,

  • Christmas in Virginia from Ashby Frank

    Mountain Home Music has a new single for bluegrass singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ashby Frank, a reworking of Clinton Gregory's Christmas in Virginia. Gregory wrote this song with Ray Pennington and Jack Robertson, and released it back in 1993. Frank says this

  • Jump On It – new single from Ashby Frank

    Most folks in bluegrass know Ashby Frank as an extremely gifted singer, songwriter, and mandolinist, but not everyone realizes that he is also a very talented comedian. Frank was one half of the outrageously funny Darrell Brothers, along with Brandon

  • The Darrell Brothers at IBMA

    You never know where these two crazy guys will turn up next. Daniel Mullins caught up with The Darrell Brothers during IBMA's Wide Open Bluegrass, and collected some of their wit and wisdom for the ages. The boys gave a quick