• Good at Gone from Appalachian Smoke

    Western North Carolina's Appalachian Smoke has a debut single this month, Good at Gone, the first since their recent deal with Mountain Fever Records, a contract that resulted from the strength of their independently produced Colder Side of Love project

  • Appalachian Smoke to Mountain Fever

    Mountain Fever Records has announced the signing of Appalachian Smoke to the label, with a new album expected next year. The band hails from that part of the southeastern US where Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee intersect, and with all five

  • Colder Side Of Love – Appalachian Smoke

    Appalachian Smoke, a relatively new group with North Carolina and Georgia roots, has an edgy modern sound which is reflected on their debut release, Colder Side Of Love. The band's greatest strength is their originality. Eleven of the twelve songs contained

  • Reverend’s Affair from Appalachian Smoke

    Appalachian Smoke is a relatively new bluegrass group from western North Carolina and Georgia, with a serious sound and some intriguing original material. While the members are still fairly young, they are all experienced players, singers, and songwriters with a