• Monroe Bus – Andy Statman

    Andy Statman never intended to be limited to a single genre. Over the years, he’s shown his proficiency on a number of instruments — from klezmer clarinet to bluegrass mandolin — without missing a beat in-between. A Grammy nominee as

  • Great Big World – Tony Trischka

    A new album from Tony Trischka is always big news in the banjo world. Since the 1970s he's been cranking out music to challenge 5 stringers and banjo fans alike, and reworking what can be expected from his instrument along

  • Superstring Theory coming from Andy Statman

    Avant-garde mandolinist Andy Statman has announced a new CD, Superstring Theory, set for an October 22 release on Shefa Records. It was recorded with Staman's Trio (Jim Whitney on bass and Larry Eagle on drums), along with fiddler Michael Cleveland and guitarist/vocalist

  • Ricky and Andy at Tablet

    Tablet is an online magazine for Jewish readers that covers a wide range of issues, with arts reporting found side-by-side with articles on religion and politics. The online magazine also sponsors a podcast side, Vox Tablet, with audio coverage of

  • Old Brooklyn from Andy Statman

    Andy Statman has been something of an enigma to the bluegrass world for the past 40 years. Clearly a master mandolinist with a demonstrated facility in the bluegrass idiom, he was even as a teenager drawn to incorporating elements of

  • A final word from Butch Baldassari

    SoundArt Recordings has announced an early August release for a new project from Butch Baldassari and Van Manakas, Leavin' Tennessee, which was completed shortly before Butch succumbed to an aggressive brain cancer in 2009. The album features Butch on mandolin with

  • Andy Staman on WDVX today at noon

    Mandolin (and clarinet) monster Andy Staman will be a featured guest on this afternoon's Blue Plate on WDVX. The show will feature live performance and discussion, and is broadcast from Knoxville, TN at 89.9 FM. The station's feed is also streamed