• Hillbilly Goddess video preview

    Alecia Nugent's next CD, Hillbilly Goddess, isn't due for release until May 12, but it has already generated something of a buzz in the music world. Early reviews and response from radio have been solidly positive, and both Rounder Records

  • Hillbilly Goddess – Further Update

    On January 2 we advised you of a delay to the release of Hillbilly Goddess, the forthcoming CD from stunning vocalist Alecia Nugent. Recently we have learned that the release has now been postponed until May 12. To further whet the appetite,

  • Hillbilly Goddess update

    On October 31 of last year, we mentioned that the forthcoming Alecia Nugent album, Hillbilly Goddess, on Rounder Records, was to be released on January 13, 2009. Rounder has pushed that release date back to March 24, 2009, and chosen revised

  • Alecia Nugent is a Hillbilly Goddess?

    Rounder Records has announced January 13, 2009 as the release date for the next CD project from songstress Alecia Nugent. Like her two previous albums, Hillbilly Goddess is a showcase for Nugent's vocal chops, and features some of the most

  • Wednesday luncheon showcases

    This afternoon's (10/1) official IBMA showcase offered a number of surprises - new faces, even with familiar acts. Brance and I were there to catch it all while we grabbed a plate or two of "free food." Alecia Nugent was first

  • Josh Williams on the road

    Recently we told you about the announcement of the Josh Williams Band. Josh has since let us know some more specifics of his plans for the 2008 festival season. For the next two weekends, Josh will be performing with the Alecia

  • Bluegrass at the CMA Music Festival

    Downtown Nashville will soon become home to the 2007 CMA Music Festival. The event is held annually in downtown Nashville, TN and features over 70 hours of concerts in four days. Each year upwards of 160,000 country music fans attend

  • Alecia Nugent: concert review

    Saturday night I took the wife and attended the Alecia Nugent concert in nearby New Castle, Virginia. It should be no surprise that Alecia put on a great show, she's won awards recently from both IBMA and SPBGMA for her

  • Thomas Wywrot joins Alecia Nugent’s band

    We just learned that Thomas Wyrot has joined Alecia Nugent's Band on banjo. Thomas had recently been performing as a guitarist with The Boohers, and before that with The Mark Newton Band, also on guitar. That makes the current lineup of