• Mary Ann from The Abby Hollander Band

    New York City has earned its reputation as the entertainment capitol of the world, though it doesn't have that same status on the bluegrass beat. But that hasn't slowed the efforts of Abby Hollander, bassist/vocalist and leader of The Abby

  • Mary Ann video from Abby Hollander

    New York bluegrass singer/songwriter Abby Hollander has released a live video of she and her band performing at the Rockwood Music Hall in lower Manhattan earlier this week. It's their arrangement of Mary Ann - not the classic Jimmy Martin song, but one

  • Abby Hollander Band

    The Abby Hollander Band is a bluegrass outfit based in Brooklyn, NY. Yes... they have them there. Abby plays bass, sings lead, and writes most of the band's material. She's gone the opposite route of many New York musicians, moving from

  • Introducing the Abby Hollander Band

    Abby Hollander is a gifted bluegrass singer and songwriter from Woodstock, NY who has recently formed her own band in Brooklyn, and started work on a debut recording. The Abby Hollander Band performs a mix of standards and Abby's distinctive