• Bluegrass A La Carte (9/14)

    John Duffey to be inducted into Bill Monroe Bluegrass Hall of Fame "The late, great John Duffey, who fronted the first important bluegrass crossover band, Seldom Scene, until his death in 1996, will become the 33rd member of the Bill Monroe

  • Bluegrass A La Carte (7/13)

    The Dean of Bluegrass University The Chicago Reader has a nice write up about Greg Cahill and his band Special Consensus, as they prepare to celebrate their 35th anniversary. Greg and his band were a big influence on me as a teenager in Kansas City. I

  • Bluegrass A La Carte (4/13)

    Classic Bikes and Bluegrass Festival Art of the Bike is proud to present our 1st Annual Classic Bikes and Bluegrass Festival on May 8th in Frenchtown, NJ. We will have a gathering of some of the regions best classic bikes and some great

  • Bluegrass A La Carte (3/27)

    HEAR music, LIKE music, BUY music It’s so simple and obvious. It’s always been true. It only happens that way, and it only happens in that order. If your online music strategy doesn’t follow that universal truth, then you’re only making

  • Bluegrass: A La Carte (3/2)

    Cinnamon Rolls With a Side of Bluegrass Gospel Roadfood Digest highlights a truckstop in Loveland, CO, recommending the Gospel Jam and the cinnamon rolls, in that order. "We’d suggest you attack a Johnson’s Corner cinnamon roll after the session, however, so as

  • A La Carte Bluegrass (2/16)

    Ah, Love (Statler Brothers Included) When the New York Times compiled their Valentine's Day playlist, attempting to avoid "love’s dark side" proved almost impossible, until they included a track from the new Statler Brothers cover album by "the frisky bluegrass duo