Two Whiskeys Shy

Although rooted in traditional American bluegrass music, Two Whiskeys Shy cannot help but reflect the diverse musical tastes and varying musical journeys experienced by band members Manny, Conor and Kyle. The result is a modern representation of one of America’s oldest musical traditions, performed by people who truly love that old mountain music.

The band is the result of a confluence of events. Manny and Kyle have been playing bluegrass music for years in the Boston area. They met on a beach when Manny was learning to Kitesurf on the chilly beaches of Revere , just north of Boston. Three years later, they both found themselves on the West Coast for various different reasons.

The final piece to the puzzle was Manny’s brother, Conor. Conor plays in a Bay Area metal band, Close Friends, and has grown into a force of a guitar player over the years. Finally, after endless fits of persuasion from his older brother, he bought an acoustic guitar and started learning all the Bluegrass licks he could. Thus, Two Whiskeys Shy was born.