TheMusicWheel Company

TheMusicWheel is an 8″ in diameter, expanded circle of fifths in full color, sturdy 18 point stock for durability, with KEYS, CHORDS, and SCALES — it is designed for accelerated learning of piano, or stringed instruments — there is a free tutorial at to guide you through the easy steps of learning. This handy tool can be at your fingertips for less than the cost of a hamburger! Carry it in your music case for a quick reference when jamming with your friends. It helps you with composition. It helps you with modulation– changing KEYS.

YOU NEED IT! It is as essential to a musician as the periodic table is to chemists.

In addition there’s TheMusicWheel family game and also TheMusicWheel classroom game; plus a large grayscale poster of TheMusicWheel for your studio, office, or music practice room.

I also have two music websites with CDs and original praise music songbooks: and http://Faithand

You will benefit from having TheMusicWheel