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Get Lonesome in his Old Time, last century adventures. Lonesome’s silent moving picture comedies harken back to life in a simpler era. A time when cars were started by hand crank, the Highway meant Route 66, trains were powered by steam, and the stage was Vaudeville. A fan of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Bill Monroe, the Delmore Brothers, Lonesome was, in fact, born 50 years late.

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It’s 1921…witness this Lonesome, early record session. Using the latest, state of the art, Edison recording equipment, and with the good fortune based in ancient forklore, Fiddlin’ Dave Shaw and Stoney Lonesome “cut wax” that they hope will find its way into the homes of many. Staring…. Smedley DeRange !!

A Stoney Lonesome, Old-time, almost silent, motion picture.

Here’s the REAL Lonesome story behind this movie?

Where does the Lonesome wardrobe come from? Watch this and you’ll see!åÊ

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