Mountain Bridge

Mountain Bridge is a traditionally-styled bluegrass band based out of the upstate of SC.

Chad Simpson and Josh Johnson lead Mountain Bridge in this tradition. Chad brings vocal stylings similar to James King and Junior Sisk to the band, along with his strong rhythm guitar; Josh sings the “high, lonesome” tenor in the group, and his fiddle playing is patterned after the “Missouri” style from the 60’s.

Codie Sloan of Piedmont, SC plays banjo with the band, and has family roots in the music that date back to Charlie Moore and Bill Monroe. Mandolin player Barron Rogers of Waynesville, NC is a seasoned veteran of the music, having done stints with the Far City Boys as well as Jerry Butler and the Blue Jays. Rounding out the line-up is Georgia native Chris Williamson, who got his professional start with Randy Khors, and was a founding member of the group Volume Five.

Mountain Bridge delivers a combination that is strong and dynamic in sound with a varied song selection; strong, cutting vocals; and tight instrumentation. Chad, Josh, Barron and Codie all take part in the vocal arrangements.

Mountain Bridge is currently representing themselves for festivals and concert halls, and can be contacted through their website ( or by calling 864-897-9005