Marv Ashby & High Octane

From the West Virginia Panhandle comes that hard-driving ‰Û÷no holds barred‰Ûª bluegrass music courtesy of Marv Ashby and the High Octane band. Marv is joined by some the region‰Ûªs finest entertainers delivering a quality and fast moving show. Both traditional and contemporary bluegrass genres are showcased during High Octane performances.

High Octane features Marv‰Ûªs aggressive flatpicking style and straight-ahead vocal arrangements.

‰Û÷Beardie‰Ûª powers the low end with percussive doghouse bass and brings to the show unique ‰Û÷Beardie Tunes‰Ûª featuring traditional bluegrass vocal styling.

Robbie Benzing rolls through the tunes with spot-on First Generation bluegrass drive and enthusiasm.

Alby Lopez delivers downhome bluegrass punch from his edgy mandolin prowess and straight-up vocal offerings.