Lynda & Pattie duo

Songwriting guitarist Lynda Dawson and fiddler Pattie Hopkins step out of the full-on Kickin Grass Band to lay down intricately crafted female duets as refreshing as a spring Carolina evening. With guitar instrumentation topped with soulful fiddling, their natural blend of sweet harmonies makes you feel like you‰Ûªve been invited into the living room of a best-kept-secret musical house party. Expect to hear compelling original songs, traditional American fiddle tunes and Appalachian duet standards inspired by the likes of Hazel and Alice or the Monroe brothers. This is genuinely beautiful and honest roots music you can carry with you long after the performance has lifted.

‰ÛÏI heard just the two of them play, fiddle and guitar, in a small and intimate setting perfectly suited to what they were doing. And what they were doing was singing some of the most beautiful and traditional duets, the best renditions since Alice and Hazel. Overwhelming would be an understatement.‰Û ‰ÛÒ George B. McCeney

‰ÛÏSinging songs of death and loss, redemption and revival, singer and guitarist Lynda Dawson‰Û_writes in a powerfully traditional style that matches her achingly sincere vocal style‰Û_and fiddler Pattie Hopkins has a strong streak of the blues in her playing.‰Û ‰ÛÒ Bluegrass Unlimited

“Though their music hails from Appalachia, it drifts as much as it races, gentle melodic glow glimmering like twilight on a metal bumper. The arrangements are warm and energetic, with strains of bluegrass, Celtic, gospel and country. Those elements are just the icing. The cake itself is the vocals, particularly the harmonizing of the [Kickin Grass Band] quintet‰Ûªs females, guitarist Lynda Dawson and fiddler Pattie Hopkins.” ‰ÛÓ Chris Parker, The Independent Weekly