Four Bridges

We‰Ûªre a Bluegrass band based in New England. We perform traditional & original tunes & mix in some tasty covers. We’ve been playing together since 2005. We’ve been described as a hard driving, harmony singing acoustical foursome. We cover a lot of musical territory. Four Bridges is comprised of the following gentlemen.

Jeremy Place

By day, Jeremy is in college. At night, he‰Ûªs an avid songwriter and bread baker. He picks & writes after he gets his two young boys tucked in bed and a couple of loaves in the oven. He makes his home in Middleboro, Ma. Jeremy plays guitar & mandolin, sings & creates a lot of our songs.

Benjamin Marshall

Benjamin grew up on an Rhode Island Emu farm run by his loving family. His dad Rusty was a pit man & mechanic on the stock car racing circuit & brought little Ben with him up & down the east coast. Rusty also moonlighted plowing snow & often took Ben, a pot of coffee and that Flatt & Scruggs cassette every time he left to work those long winter nights. The rest is history. Ben admires and respects the bluegrass icons & that sound is very much a part of Ben’s musical chemistry. Look for Ben’s Dad, Rusty, manning our record table. Ben and Rusty are Rhode Islanders. Ben sings, plays banjo, guitar, mandolin, bass, violin….pretty much anything he picks up.

John Almeida

John is a cabinet maker & a veteran of the US Army. As a child, he played country & Portuguese traditional music with his family on their dairy farm in Little Compton, RI. Every picker on the South Coast knows John. And everyone who knows John, likes John. John sings & yodels & plays violin & guitar

Russ Hermansen

Russ is a carpenter, fisherman, and survivor of Woodstock. He’s been laying down the beat for Massachusetts bluegrass bands for twenty years and counting. Russ is a family man living in Kingston, Ma. Russ plays stand up bass & guitar.

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