Feller and Hill and the Bluegrass Buckaroos

Tom Feller and Chris Hill have made quick work of establishing themselves as among the top vocal groups in bluegrass. In roughly three years together, with only a pair of albums, these two have demonstrated a firm command of the bluegrass singing style, in duets, trio and quartet arrangements.

Their group, Feller and Hill and the Bluegrass Buckaroos is a throwback to the days before country and bluegrass music were separated into their own genres and includes a wide variety of music with a very fast-paced, entertaining presentation.

Feller and Hill also own Buckaroo Studios, a full-service recording studio which has produced several successful bluegrass and gospel albums, in the past few years.

Feller and Hill also provide live sound reinforcement services at some of the largest bluegrass festivals in the United States, like Bean Blossom, The MACC, in Columbus, Ohio, and the Southern Ohio Indoor Music Festival. With over 30 years experience in bluegrass sound, Tom Feller has a reputation for quality that is second to none.