Autoharp Performer TINA LOUISE BARR

Tina Louise Barr is a virtuoso of the autoharp and is nationally acclaimed for her signature styles and dynamic performances on this multi-stringed American instrument. A leader in her field, Tina performs and gives autoharp workshops at music festivals across the U.S.

Tina gives solo performances and also is a member of the Brookdale Bluegrass Band in California. She is a winner of the Modesto Area Music Association (MAMA) Award, in the “Best Americana” category. A recipient of the California Bluegrass Association Service Award, she was honored for her years of service as an autoharp workshop instructor at CBA festivals.

Tina Louise Barr is well-known for her remarkable versatility on the autoharp, and often can be found trading breaks at many a hot bluegrass jam.

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