Ashley Lewis & Legacy

Receiving worldwide recognition for her music, Ashley Lewis and her band, Legacy, enthrall audiences across the country with fiery instrumentation and impassioned vocals. Known for her sparkling vocals and captivating mandolin performances, Ashley is also a profound songwriter, and evidence of her Kentucky bluegrass legacy appears in the words and music of her original songs. While her roots are in bluegrass, Ashley branches out to deliver an energetic and riveting performance with an innovative approach to all facets and genres of music while providing fresh

definition to the traditional tunes. By blending a variety of mandolin styles and her own rhythmic technique, Ashley has developed that unique and distinctive Ashley Lewis signature sound.

Whether at home in the USA or abroad, her band consists of some of the finest talent known. The combined effects of pure vocals, smooth harmonies and acoustic instruments consisting of mandolin, fiddle, guitar, banjo, dobro, and upright bass blend to create that inspiring newgrass sound. They give an unforgettable performances with an honest and genuine quality that leaves audiences spellbound.