8 week Bluegrass Jamming Workshop in Manasquan, NJ

My name is Heidi Olsen, and I’ve been holding jamming workshop classes since 2000. I’m a charter member, certified Wernick Method instructor, and if you want to become a better bluegrass jammer, this is the class for you! You will be jamming the first day!

We’ll be focusing on jamming, and I will break it down to it’s fundamentals. You’ll learn to follow unfamiliar songs, control your volume, learn to transpose, use your capo, stay in tune, learn to lead songs, offer breaks, and start and end smoothly. We’ll also be learning the basics of harmony singing.

This program will be tailor made for what you need. Whether you have been a regular or semi-regular participant at a jam session, or have been practicing alone at home; consider signing up for my class. You’ll get the individual attention you need, and we’ll work together on all those little pieces that will have you jamming and playing music competently with other people.

What are the requirements for attending? You must be able to tune your instrument (electronic tuning devices welcome) and change smoothly between G, C, D, and A. Fast playing is not expected, nor is the ability to solo required. Fiddle and bass players need to know which notes to play along with each chord.