• Lynda & Pattie duo

    Songwriting guitarist Lynda Dawson and fiddler Pattie Hopkins step out of the full-on Kickin Grass Band to lay down intricately crafted female duets as refreshing as a spring Carolina evening. With guitar instrumentation topped with soulful fiddling, their natural blend

  • Valerie Smith

    Valerie Smith is known to be a cross-over artist that has performed through-out the United States and Europe. She is recognized as one of the most energetic, fun and well-versed artist in the independent music industry. Valerie Smith also co-owns an

  • The Kevin Prater Band

    "Pure Kentucky Bluegrass" , best describes the sound of The Kevin Prater Band. Those who pay close attention will hear echoes of The Country Gentleman and The Seldom Scene, especially in high lead vocals and polished harmonies. While

  • Donna Ulisse & The Poor Mountain Boys

      The first thing you're likely to notice when you listen to Donna Ulisse - whether live or on a recording - is the voice. Variously described as "rapturous and angelic," strong, supple, warm, rich, companionable and crystalline, that voice commands