• Fox N Hounds

    Picture a traditional bluegrass ensemble pickin' away in the moonlight. Instead of boys from the mountains of Virginia, picture a band of gypsies from all walks of musical life. Fox N Hounds keeps the laments and ballad‰Ûªs of Bluegrass music,

  • HWY 41 SOUTH

    HWY 41 SOUTH has played about every major bluegrass festival in Florida, and has had a great time doing it ! We have far exceeded what we ever thought we would do as a band, and it just keeps getting

  • New Creation

    New Creation is proud to be spreading the word of Jesus through ministry in song through out the Mountain Empire area, with over 100 years of combined experience in Southern Gospel music. New Creation has been blessed by God to

  • Coyote Hill Bluegrass

    Coyote Hill Bluegrass is an outstanding bluegrass band from Northeast Oklahoma who‰Ûªs energy and enthusiasm will leave you wanting more. They have young new talent, as well as experienced musicians, which keeps them on top of their sound. Their one

  • Volume Five Band

    While Volume Five is a traditional band, their soulful singing, dead-on harmonies, and precision picking set them apart from other bands of this style. They have received critical acclaim for their first CD " Down In A Cell" their first

  • Playing On The Planet

    Playing On The Planet is a band who writes and plays a dynamic mix of music: bluegrass, groove grass, jam grass, hippie grass, Americana ‰ÛÒ or as they call it, ‰ÛÏcosmic boogiegrass-bluegrass.‰Û The band keeps an active performance schedule. Playing On

  • East of Monroe

      East of Monroe explores bluegrass, swing, country, folk, pop and jazz within tasteful arrangements of contemporary and traditional songs. Deep experience, solid instrumentalists and tight vocal harmonies along with fresh, original songwriting combine to offer a brand new and unique

  • Southbound Mule

    Southbound Mule is a hard-driving bluegrass band in the heart of Oklahoma, playing original music as well as the old (and new) favorites.

  • Mackville Bluegrass/Gospel

    Their music is a mix of bluegrass and gospel music and consists of alternating vocal leads with strong harmonies along with instrumentals. They love playing bluegrass and gospel music and have a great time! They hope our music will inspire