Jeff Autry suffers a stroke

Veteran bluegrass guitarist Jeff Autry suffered a stroke a week ago, and while he has recovered some function since, he still has reduced facility on the right side of his body. He is recovering now at his home in Georgia.

For the past several years, Jeff has been partnered with Edgar Loudermilk in his band, The Edgar Loudermilk Band featuring Jeff Autry. At Jeff’s insistence, the band will maintain its summer touring schedule, with a fill-in guitarist added. Obviously, Autry will be off the road until his ability to play and sing is restored, which we all hope is quite soon.

Fortunately, Jeff was not on the road when his stroke occurred. The band was just back from a west coast trip, and he did report feeling rough on the way home. His family were able to recognize the signs of a stroke when it hit, and got him to hospital right away, which is probably the #1 requirement to lessen its severity.

It was a serious stroke, but the rapid recovery seen so far is a very good sign for future progress.

Jeff is plainly determined that he will do whatever it takes to get his playing and singing back, and if you know him, you are already aware that he is focused and driven when he sets his will to something. Autry, his family, and his doctors are all very optimistic for a full recovery, though it may take some time.

Best wishes can be shared on Jeff’s Facebook page.

Get well soon, bluegrass buddy!

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