• Kevin Shults Art & Design

    I've been an artist and graphic designer for over 30 years (and bluegrass picker for over 40). Those years have given me the experience to make your next project stand out from the rest. Let's visit the next time you

  • Southwest Bluegrass Association

    Southwest Bluegrass Association (SWBA) Is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation Promoting bluegrass music in California, Arizona, Nevada and beyond for 40+ years. Below you will find information about the Southwest Bluegrass Association and our mission to promote the music we love. Our organization of

  • The Stiff Family Gospel Bluegrass

    We are a family of six who seek to glorify God in our music and in all our endeavors. We’ve been singing and playing together as a family since the fall of 2013. In the Bluegrass tradition we play acoustic

  • Ida Clare

    Winners of the 2017 John Hartford Memorial Festival Band Contest, Ida Claire plays an eclectic mix of Bluegrass, old-time, and original material. It doesn't matter if you catch them performing at a festival, at a rehearsal or just

  • Rabon Creek

    We are a traditional bluegrass gospel band based in the upstate of South Carolina. We focus on traditional bluegrass gospel music with hope that each performance will deliver newcomers to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

  • JamAlong Music Method

    JamAlong Music Method is a unique program offering online music lessons, custom video lessons and Skype coaching, as well as resources for folk, bluegrass and Americana music. Learn how to jam with our online music lessons — featuring instructional videos, downloadable