Tina Louise Barr at Glendale Folk & Heritage Festival 2022

The 2022 Glendale, AZ Folk & Heritage Festival is a celebration of music and culture featuring accomplished entertainers from across the U.S. Musicians, songwriters, and storytellers will perform and present workshops for a multitude of interests ranging anywhere from folk guitar to songwriting to concertinas. Indoor and outdoor stages, free admission.

TINA LOUISE BARR is renowned for her limitless styles and precise clarity on the autoharp. Autoharp Quarterly magazine has commended her as a trailblazing performer “in the autoharp world and beyond”. Tina performs in bluegrass bands and can trade breaks in many a hot picking jam session.

Tina is a recipient of the California Bluegrass Association Service Award, the Modesto Area Music Association (MAMA) Award in the Americana category, and the California Autoharp Lifetime Achievement Award.

Tina will perform at the Glendale, AZ Folk & Heritage Festival on Saturday, March 5, 2022, and also will present an autoharp workshop that day. Check the website for times and any updates to the festival schedule.

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