The Harris Brothers + Joe Troop & Che Apalache

Brothers Reggie and Ryan Harris were born and raised in Western North Carolina. Their expansive live repertoire consists of traditional roots music, rock ’n’ roll, blues, Appalachian music, vintage country, and bluegrass. Their live shows effortlessly shift from well-known tunes to the duo’s own arrangements of songs from all sides of the Americana spectrum.

Che Apalache is an International bluegrass and old-time mountain music quartet based in Buenos Aires, Argentinia. The group is led by North Carolina native, frequent Galax Fiddle Convention attendee, and mountain fiddler Joe Troop. In Argentina, the word “che” is a term of endearment used to replace someone’s name in casual conversation. In American English there are similar words like “man,” “brother,” “sis,” or “homey.” If I wanted to ask you for a favor, I might say “Jon, man, could I ask you for something?” In Argentina that “Jon, man” would be “Che Jon.” Down here, “che” is used constantly, and is therefore iconically Argentine. “Apalache” means Appalachian, and thus our band name could be translated something like “my Appalachian homeboy.”