Sea Mountain Fiddlers Convention And Bluegrass Festival

The only KOA campground located in the heart of downtown Myrtle Beach is having the best BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL on the East Coast! Alan Bibey & Grasstowne hosts: The Sea Mountain Fiddlers Convention And Bluegrass Festival! We will have live bluegrass performances by some of the most popular bands in bluegrass!!! Featured bands: Carolina Blue Band, The Virginia Luthiers, Aynortowne Band, Morris Brothers, End of the Road Band and Charlottetown Bluegrass Band. Anyone attending or camping with us can enter our cash prize competitions: Guitar, Fiddle, Banjo, Mandolin, Band and Flat Foot’n! Book FAST we have BLUEGRASS May 2 – 4, 2019! Its time for ALL NIGHT PICK’N, LISTEN and let the tunes melt your soul like the chocolate and marshmallows on your graham cracker.