Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival

The Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival is an accessible and inclusive festival centered around bluegrass and other forms of roots music such as country, folk and americana. In 2022, 18,000 visitors found their way to Rotterdam’s ‘Old North’ neighborhood. Rotterdam locals as well as genre fans from across the Netherlands and beyond. Last year’s successful 10th anniversary edition pushed the limits of the Pijnackerplein’s capacity, so this year the festival is moving a few blocks, to the tree lined Noordplein. In addition to music, the festival features an extensive fringe program with theatre, children’s activities, a jam zone, comics, workshops, a market and a wide choice of food and beverages. Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival is featured in the agenda of the Rotterdam Festivals organization.

The line up of the Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival consists – in alphabetical order – of: Aaron Jonah Lewis (US), Abe Partridge (US), Austin & Courtney DerryBerry (US), Baptiste W. Hamon (FR), Bashed Potatoes (DE) , Bella White (CA), Bertolf (NL), The Bluegrass Bandits (NL), Blue Grass Boogiemen (NL), The Complete Recordings of Hezekiah Procter (CA), Della Mae (US), Douwe Bob & Blue Grass Boogiemen (NL ), Fog Holler (US), Hassan Wargui & Aaron Jonah Lewis (MA/US), Herman Brock Jr. (NL), Hola Ghost & The Haunted Horns (DK), Li’l Andy (CA), Leadbeaters (NL), Long Way Home Duo (NL), Madalitso Band (MW), Michael Daves & Jacob Jolliff (US), Moonshine Wagon (ES), Nice Like That (UK), The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band (US), The Ragtime Rumors (NL), Rosine Bluegrass Family (NL), Scott H. Biram (US), The Shiny Moonlit Boys (NL), Sepand & Khorshid (IR), Strengeplukk (NO), Teilhard Frost (CA), Theo Lawrence (FR), The Truffle Valley Boys (IT) and The Wanton String Band (UK).