New Breaks Concert

Some of the Hudson Valley’s most accomplished acoustic bluegrass musicians have come together as the five-person New Breaks bluegrass band, and they will be appearing in concert in Poughkeepsie on Friday evening, January 25, sponsored by the Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association. The band is a spinoff from “Hudson Valley’s Hillbilly Band,” No Brakes, which apparently got a brake job that realigned its own members with some new talent.
Frank Kara, who will appear as a vocalist also playing the mandolin and guitar, was inspired by hearing Tony Rice at a Winterhawk Bluegrass Festival. Kara segued from being an electric-guitar generalist to playing purely bluegrass. He was a founder of No Brakes and later became a member of the Mama Tried bluegrass band. He now leads New Breaks.
Gary DiGiovanni sings and plays banjo, which he studied with Bill Keith after moving from New Jersey to the Hudson Valley. He has long since given up his first instrument–the trombone.
Carl Radens, on mandolin, guitar and vocals, is the band’s technologist. He builds and repairs a variety of stringed instruments, and works as a computer research and development engineer when he’s not playing bluegrass.
Nina Dryer, on fiddle and vocals, also plays viola and cello when she’s away from bluegrass. Nina is a music teacher working in Connecticut public schools.
Bassist and vocalist Rusty Boris has been playing with Frank Kara for over 20 years and is a music instructor at Dutchess Community College.
New Breaks will be playing at the HVBA’s favorite venue, the Unitarian Fellowship, at 67 South Randolph Avenue, at 7:30 p.m. on January 25. Tickets will be $15, at the door. Bring a friend and introduce them to bluegrass!