Murphy Method Women’s Banjo Camp

Join us for our ninth Murphy Method Women’s Banjo Camp, July 29-31, 2022, in Winchester, Virginia. Why an all-women banjo camp? Because we want to do a women’s camp. We want to reach out to more women who play and get them playing together. Very few women come to our other camps and we want to create a unique event with an inclusive atmosphere where everyone will feel comfortable.

Our first eight Women’s Banjo Camps were a rousing success! Everyone left in a state of euphoria, including the instructors: Murphy and Casey Henry. The after-hours jamming lasted till midnight and was a source of many hilarious stories the next day. The vibe during the entire weekend was electric, with women, from ages 12 to 75, bonding, sharing, supporting, laughing, and–best of all–playing and singing their hearts out!

We teach everything by ear–the Murphy Method way–and we have prerequisites to ensure that everyone starts from the same foundation and can make real progress over the weekend.