Keller & The Keels @ The WPAC

Award winning flat picker Larry Keel & his rock solid, in the pocket bass playing wife, Jenny Keel, make up two thirds of this super fun trio with Keller Williams. With two albums recorded together the handful of gigs they play a year turn into acoustic picking parties. We all vowed from the beginning that we wouldn’t do it often so that when we did do it, it would be special. Keller Williams in all his collaborative & solo albums reflect his pursuit to create music that sounds like nothing else. Unbeholden to conventionalism, he seamlessly crosses genre boundaries. The end-product is astounding & novel music that encompasses rock, jazz, funk, & bluegrass & always keeps the audience on their feet. Larry Keel is described by music critics & reviewers as the most powerful, innovative & all-out exhilarating acoustic flatpicking guitarist performing today!