Hot Rize (Tim O’Brien, Pete Wernick, Nick Forster, & Bryan Sutton)

“Hot Rize is the great modern bluegrass band. They’re the connective tissue that links the great founders of bluegrass with the modern tradition.” – Steve Martin

Often called “America’s Bluegrass Band” — Hot Rize has always balanced innovation with tradition to create their own style of bluegrass.

Colorado band Hot Rize formed in 1978 with a unique and exciting style of bluegrass. Named after the secret ingredient in Martha White Flour, a long-term sponsor of bluegrass music, the band started. Hot Rize was considered both a progressive bluegrass band and a traditional bluegrass band, taking the bluegrass world by storm with their fresh, contemporary approach to traditional music. Their dynamic stage show made them stars on the major festival circuit, and their powerful original songs constantly topped radio playlists.