Dewdrop Jamboree

Grasstime is back for the 2017 SEASON-OPENING Dewdrop Jamboree!

Join us for a family-friendly evening of music and neighborly good fun in a cozy community theatre. A group of talented instrumentalists (The Dewdrops) will be backing a variety of guest artists performing old & new favorites across multiple genres of music. You will enjoy the fresh & casual stage show and appreciate the obvious joy and enthusiasm of the musicians and artists as they perform for the sheer love of the music. The Jamboree is a true variety show featuring classic country, bluegrass, gospel, rock ‘n roll, Americana & blues. Clap, stomp your feet & sing along! We will have a great time together celebrating our community and our music! All tickets are general admission and cost only $10 – a real bargain for a full evening of light-hearted and uplifting entertainment!