Chatham County Line + Kate Rhudy

Chatham County Line has never been shy about crossing musical borders. The Raleigh-based quartet refers to its sound as new traditional. The band consists of Dave Wilson on guitar, vocals, and harp; John Teer on mandolin and fiddle; Chandler Holt on banjo; and Greg Readling on bass, pedal steel, and piano. Playing traditional string band instrumentation around a single microphone while clad in string bow ties and cowboy hats, the band visually projects a sepia-toned timelessness.

Raleigh-based Kate Rhudy describes her music as “sad river folk” with an uptempo grassroots drive. Rhudy grew up playing classical violin and attending fiddlers conventions, but her album Rock N’ Roll Ain’t For Me finds her years later as a writer. She channels her remarkable talent through frank, plaintive lyrics and bittersweet reflections delivered with a gorgeous voice, conveying universal feelings of nostalgia, love and human connection.