Boomer, NC – WM Weekend Jam Class with Pete Wernick – begins 4/23/18

Wernick Method Bluegrass Jamming Camp
Taught by Pete Wernick
**This camp is for intermediate-advanced jammers. Beginners can join the camp taught by Gilbert Nelson during the same times and the same camp property.**
Monday, April 23-Thursday, April 26 9:15am-5:00pm
Boomer, NC Camp Harrison
Total tuition $395
– includes lunch and snacks each day, and Camp Harrison fee
other meals and on-site bunkhouse or tenting or RV –
– accommodations are arranged directly with Camp Harrison

This camp can be likened to high school/college for bluegrass.

Participants must:

Be experienced at bluegrass jamming including following guitar chord changes
Be able to play comfortably in the keys of G and D, and use the chord number system
Be able to sing in pitch and lead songs (“good voice” not required)
Be willing / able to fake instrumental solos on most songs in G or D (except basses and rhythm-only guitars).
If you’re not sure if you qualify, write Pete regarding your skills in these areas.

Students may attend “as a band” for a discount (write Pete for details), or will be placed in small groups (rotated during the camp).
Ensembles meet twice a day, for jamming and/or rehearsing with coaching by experienced Wernick Method staff.
Instrument instruction classes and harmony singing instruction offered daily
Performance opportunities, with performance coaching
Camp performs 2 songs en masse on the Merlefest Cabin Stage to conclude camp
$150 deposit holds your spot while your application is considered. Deposit check will not be cashed unless/until application is accepted.

Attendance limited to 50. Most instruments will be limited to 10 places.

Write Pete at