Bluegrass Spartanburg: Kruger Brothers

Bluegrass Spartanburg closes its 2018-2019 season with award-winning trio, the Krüger Brothers. Since their formal introduction to American audiences in 1997, The Krüger Brothers’ remarkable discipline, creativity and their ability to infuse classical music into folk music has resulted in a unique sound that has made them a fixture within the world of acoustic music. The honesty of their writing has since become a hallmark of the trio’s work. In their ever-expanding body of work – Jens Krüger (banjo and vocals), Uwe Krüger (guitar and lead vocals), and Joel Landsberg (bass and vocals) – The Krüger Brothers personify the spirit of exploration and innovation that forms the core of the American musical tradition. Their original music is crafted around their discerning taste, and the result is unpretentious, cultivated, and delightfully fresh.