Bluegrass Comeback to Southern Maryland-2022

Sideline Bluegrass Band is a six-piece powerhouse band who’s been in business for two decades. To listen to Sideline reminds the fan of why so many people fall in love with bluegrass in the first place — pulse-pounding drive, songs sung from the heart, perfected timing, and dynamics. Founding members, Steve Dilling and Skip Cherryholmes, are joined by Jamie Harper, Nick Goad, Andy Buckner, and Kyle Windbeck. Each with a commitment to working as one unit to deliver high-energy, innovative, hard-driving, variety-packed entertainment night after night throughout Sideline’s lengthy tour schedule. Always seeking new breakthroughs in music, while holding to the core of their proven success – A love for each other, a love for their ever-growing loyal fanbase, and a true love and passion for the music they create.