2022 9th Annual Monroe Mandolin Camp

Welcome to the 9th Annual Monroe Mandolin Camp, where original, traditional roots bluegrass music is played, taught, jammed, and breathed 24-7! Whether mandolin, fiddle, banjo, rhythm guitar, singing, or upright bass, MMC offers the finest instruction in a fun and inclusive environment. Young learn from the young at heart; southerners jam side-by-side with northerners; long-timers play side by side with beginners… All come together as a dynamic community to learn the music Bill Monroe created.

A note from our Music Director, Mike Compton: “We are proud to have this line up of instructors and special presenters for 2022….some real heavy hitters coming up! This year’s focus will be on the classic bluegrass band that started it all, Monroe/Flatt/Scruggs/Wise & Rainwater…but we will certainly not be limited to that. It is a strong place for us to start from and center our effort to bring you the best experience we can provide! We look forward to welcoming you to camp this year!”

Sign-Up and get full access to the following:
-World Class Instructors who understand the music, culture, folkloric stories, and the traditions that make up original, traditional Bluegrass music.
-100-Plus Classes for Mandolin, Fiddle, Banjo, Harmony Singing, Guitar, Upright Bass, Old-Time Mandolin, and Songwriting You may take classes on any and all instruments—you are not tied down to just one track. If your car is big enough, bring them all! (Fiddle and Banjo classes are structured for the intermediate player level and above.)
-Special Presentations: This year we are thrilled to announce two very special afternoon presentations: Bluegrass Boy Butch Robins and newly-retired Doyle Lawson. Additional special classes include Daily Yoga and Stretching for Injury Prevention in The Care of A Musician, String Changing 101, and a Band Scramble Competition!
-One-on-One Individual Tutorial: Sit knee-to-knee with an instructor of your choice—a private intensive that is all about you!
-Daily Instructor-Led Jams with experienced instrumental support. Jams are organized into all levels, including novice/beginner, slow, intermediate, fast, and old-time.
-Private Tour of Birthplace of Country Music, Bristol, TN on Saturday prior to…
A Night of Monroe’s Bluegrass Classics Instructor Concert, which will also be live-broadcast on Radio Bristol.
Traditional Pig Roast with all the fixin’s, by master BBQ chef, Eric Turner (vegetarian dishes available as well).
Hot catered meals and nearby lodging at a venue reserved for exclusive use by MMC participants only. No curfew times for jamming…your the two biggest decisions are which classes to choose, and how much sleep you need!
Member’s Only Group: Once registered you’ll be invited to join a group for members only. It offers additional community, support, and learning opportunities, including a monthly Zoom gathering, a Tune-of-the-Month, and special events with guest artists, discussing various music-related topics.
Register opens: January 15th. Visit: www.monroemandolincamp.com