• Podcasting on Bluegrass Today

    We are please to announce that Bluegrass Today is now offering occasional podcasts (see explanation below). We will not be podcasting on any kind of regular schedule. The podcasts will be made available when they are news worthy, timely, or

  • Introductory Table Of Contents

    If you are new to Bluegrass Today, or blogging in general, here is a table of contents for the introductory articles on this site. These articles explain the concept of "blogging" and the purpose of this site. Each link will

  • Viewpoint – a recurring feature

    From time to time, we will include posts which do not offer news or specific information, but instead feature commentary or opinion on a topic related to the theme of Bluegrass Today: bluegrass music, artists, events and fans -

  • What is a blog?

    For those unfamiliar with the term, the word "blog" is a contraction of its original name, "web log." A blog might best be described as a web-based publication consisting of a number of posts, with new posts added on a

  • How you can contribute.

    You may be wondering how you can take advantage of Bluegrass Today to publish your news item, press release, radio update, etc. Well, it couldn't be easier. Just use the form below and send us your content. We will review

  • Who are we?

    Bluegrass Today is authored by John Lawless and Brance Gillihan (detailed bios below). While maintaining no pretense about journalistic credentials, the authors' many years of experience in, and intimate familiarity with the bluegrass music industry on multiple levels makes them