• Pure & Simple From Robert Hale

    My friend Stacy Grubb, a West Virginia singer-songwriter, sometimes muses that her music is too bluegrass for country and too country for bluegrass. That’s a perfect description for Pure & Simple, the first solo release from Robert Hale, the former

  • New Day Dawning – The Roys

    Over the past seven weeks, we have brought you a series of videos from The Roys, chronicling each of the seven tracks on their new album, New Day Dawning. The album has now hit shelves, showcasing Lee and Elaine Roy’s

  • Walk With Me – Kickin Grass

    Many contemporary bluegrass bands choose to weave multiple genres into their brand of music. For some, this tends to be a modern country sound, whole others prefer a more old time feel. Raleigh, NC-based Kickin Grass Band has taken the latter

  • Still Hangin’ On – Jimmy Haynes Band

    Last week, we brought you news of the debut release from Ohio-based Jimmy Haynes Band, Still Hangin’ On. The album is a well-rounded collection of eleven tracks ranging from bluegrass standards to covers of more contemporary tunes from both the bluegrass