• Wayne Taylor: It’s About Time

    From the moment I had the new solo project from Blue Highway bass player Wayne Taylor in my hands, I couldn't wait to hear what it sounded like. I won't leave you in suspense — it's great. Appropriately titled ("long overdue"

  • Akira Otsuka’s First Tear

    The first time Sam Bush heard Akira Otsuka and his friends in the Japanese band the Bluegrass 45, he remembers a band that was well rooted in bluegrass traditions but not afraid to push the boundaries. Bush particularly remembers a

  • Carrie Hassler – The Distance

    The Distance, the third Rural Rhythm project from Carrie Hassler, was released on Tuesday (4/24). As always, Hassler's powerful voice is front and center, and she is assisted by some real heavyweights in the studio. Ron Stewart is on banjo, Alan

  • Bluegrass Jamming on Mandolin and Fiddle

    Wayne Erbsen's two latest bluegrass instruction books begin his new Bluegrass Jamming series, with titles for both fiddlers and mandolinists. A similar book for banjo is expected later this year. Like his earlier series titled as being for "The Complete Ignoramus,"

  • The Best of Jack Hatfield

    Just last week, Jack Hatfield shared some thoughts about the particular genius of Earl Scruggs from the perspective of one who has made teaching the banjo his life's work. Today we received a copy of Jack's latest book, an anthology from

  • Better Man – Merl Johnson

    Thanks to Tom Mindte and his Rockville, Maryland company Patuxent Music, which boasts releases from artists like Travers Chandler & Avery County, Jessie Baker, and Ethan Hughes, the bluegrass world has been receiving some pretty cool music as of late.

  • Slidetown Reunion – Curt Baker

    Most people think of the typical bluegrass band as consisting of five instruments: banjo, mandolin, fiddle, guitar, and bass. However, many of the best bluegrass groups wouldn’t have been complete without the rich sound of the resophonic guitar. The world

  • All In – The Boxcars

    From their highly anticipated, self-titled debut release which hit shelves in October 2010, to their recognized success at the 2011 IBMA Awards where they took multiple trophies, The Boxcars have been getting quite a lot of attention within the world