• Down Where the Grass Is Blue – Headin’ Home

    There's no bond stronger than that of family, although admittedly there are times when those relationships can be strained. The ties are sometimes tenuous when discussions of politics or other polarizing issues intrude on holiday gatherings or resentment wreaks havoc

  • Colder Side Of Love – Appalachian Smoke

    Appalachian Smoke, a relatively new group with North Carolina and Georgia roots, has an edgy modern sound which is reflected on their debut release, Colder Side Of Love. The band's greatest strength is their originality. Eleven of the twelve songs contained

  • From the Ground Up – Jim Hurst

    With two IBMA Guitar Player of the Year trophies to his name, a passel of solo recordings, and a career spanning several decades, it would be hard for anyone to deny Jim Hurst's expertise on the guitar. His latest solo

  • All the Way – Alex Leach Band

    It’s little wonder why the Alex Leach Band has emerged to the forefront of today’s young up-and-coming bluegrass vanguard. Their new album, All the Way, demonstrates that after only two albums, they already possess the skill and savvy needed to,

  • Place Of Growth – Hawktail

    Hawktail is a quartet that could be defined as a supergroup, considering the high caliber of musicianship. Consisting of fiddler Brittany Haas, bassist Paul Kowert, mandolinist Dominick Leslie, and guitarist Jordan Tice, the group has released their third project Place

  • Bunch of Grass – Bunch of Grass

    Bunch of Grass may hail from Germany, but in listening to this self-titled debut it's hard to pin them to any specific locale. The fact is, they maintain all the bluegrass basics, from crisp instrumentation to the intellect and emotion

  • We’re All Crazy – Dave Adkins

    While veteran singer, songwriter and guitarist Dave Adkins might insist that we're all crazy, as the title of his excellent new album for Mountain Fever Records suggests, he ought to give himself a personal pass so he's not included in

  • Morning Walk – Dave Berry & Friends

    An esteemed contributor to Bluegrass Today, Dave Berry doesn't simply talk the talk. The sounds this San Francisco-based scribe makes with a group of friends and fellow travelers, as represented on his excellent new album, Morning Walk, reflects his reverence