• Sideshow – EmiSunshine and the Rain

    East Tennessee's EmiSunshine has come a very long way in a relatively short time. So too, the fact that she kicked off her career at an extraordinarily young age, is a testament to her talent. She began writing songs with

  • Rhinestone Revival – Kody Norris Show

    Whether you see The Kody Norris Show live on stage or hear them on recordings, there's no question as to what you're experiencing. Kody and his three bandmates pay homage to the traditional bluegrass masters, while also maintaining a strong

  • Lead and Iron – Henhouse Prowlers

    The Henhouse Prowlers are an unpretentious bunch, one wholly devoted to the bluegrass basics, but also determined to deliver it with their own sense of passion and purpose. Formed just over 16 years ago, they've pursued their musical mantra courtesy

  • Bluefinger – Bertolf Lentink

    Bertolf Lentink, who simply goes by the name Bertolf, is a Dutch singer and guitarist whose appreciation for bluegrass was spawned at an early age. His early influences included Doc Watson, Tony Rice, Jerry Douglas, Stuart Duncan, Sam Bush, Béla

  • My Farm, My Bluegrass – Marty Falle

    It's always good for a recording to be centered around relatable themes. That is something that singer/songwriter, Marty Falle has always done and continues to do on his latest all original release My Farm, My Bluegrass. The album kicks off with Ode to

  • Music In My Soul – High Fidelity

    High Fidelity live up to their name when it comes to proclaiming their faith, and love of making music. As its title implies, Music In My Soul is spawned from devout devotion, and the sounds that emanate from the core

  • Take Me To Calvary – LakeSide

    Since they began playing in East Tennessee area churches nearly two decades ago, LakeSide has remained firmly committed to sharing the message of Jesus Christ through their unique blend of contemporary bluegrass and southern gospel stylings. Their fifth studio release, Take Me