• Been A Long Time – Si Kahn

    Si Kahn's sadly overlooked 1997 bluegrass classic, Been a Long Time, gets a reboot nearly 25 years after it was originally issued, a belated attempt to make up for that fact that it languished in obscurity due to the lack of

  • Dave’s Dozen – My 2021 Favorites

    It’s time for the annual challenge: Picking my "dozen" favorite bluegrass recordings for the previous year. First, the usual cautions. This list is obviously very subjective, just one guy's opinion. The list represents my favorites, not necessarily the best. And it's

  • Better Late Than Never – Never Come Down

    Based in Portland, Oregon, Never Come Down are an astute outfit that weave a multi-textured dimension to their grassicana motif. There's a great deal of depth to their approach, one that finds them blending the nominal instrumental elements of traditional

  • Restless Wanderer – R. Wesley Carr

    There's something to be said for subtlety, even when it appears to substitute for flash and finesse. After all, it's often not a matter of how much music is thrown into the mix, but rather how it's applied. R. Wesley Carr

  • Small Town Dreamer – Daryl Mosley

    Some CDs are just meant to be played in front of a cozy fire on a wintry evening, when the listener has time to settle down and sink into the music. Small Town Dreamer, the second Pinecastle release from Daryl

  • Pressing Onward – The Barefoot Movement

    Coming on the heels of last year's excellent Rise & Fly, The Barefoot Movement's aptly titled Pressing Onward sums up the dynamic and drive consistently demonstrated by this effusive young combo who merge bluegrass and old time music with contemporary

  • Newgrass Suite – Jonah Bobo

    It’s not uncommon for music to be grouped into categories. Even within bluegrass and other genres of acoustic music, there tend to be multiple sub categories for different approaches such as progressive bluegrass, alternative country, and as of late, grassicana.