• Up All Night – The Grascals

    There's something to be said for any group that's been around seventeen years while accumulating ten albums and earning ongoing acclaim and enough awards to fill even the largest trophy shelf. So credit The Grascals with having done just that,

  • Self titled – Bobby & Teddi Cyrus

    Bobby & Teddi Cyrus can claim a genuine connection, not only to each other, but to their families and faith as well. Both grew up in households that were immersed in music and, thankfully, it was that upbringing that brought

  • On A Saturday Night – J.M. Clifford

    When the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, it proved to be a deeply challenging time for many around the globe. For musical artists, the ensuing lockdown became a fruitful time, creatively speaking. This was especially true for Brooklyn based singer/songwriter,

  • Cold Rain and Snow – Jared Rabin

    Jared Rabin's connection to music started early in life, at age five specifically. His initial influences were weaned from his granddad, a first chair violinist for the Chicago Symphony. However, his interest quickly accelerated, leading him to become not only

  • 4.0 – The Farm Hands

    Since first forming eleven years ago, The Farm Hands have garnered considerable recognition for their tasteful blend of bluegrass and Gospel music. Although the group started its journey as a quartet, they have recently expanded to five members, ultimately allowing

  • Suburban Cowboy – My Brother’s Keeper

    If the name of the band seems to indicate an inclination towards spiritual suggestion, it's probably no accident. My Brother's Keeper share songs that seem to aim for a higher meaning while also keeping bound to humble circumstance. A five

  • Roscommon County Line – Mules and Men

    “Acid-Celtgrass” is a sub-genre that I wasn’t familiar with, but it very appropriately sums up the 4 piece Dublin-based band, Mules and Men. After forming back in 2018,  members Luke Coffey (banjo), Lily Sheehan (guitar), Paddy Cummins (mandolin), and Niall