• A Tale To Tell – Rick Lang

    New England-based songwriter Rick Lang makes it clear he finds it hard to resist sharing a good story, and indeed, as indicated on his new Dark Shadow Recording album, A Tale To Tell, he's clearly proficient when it comes to

  • Extrovert – Mr. Sun

    Mr. Sun is a band whose music could best be described as a potpourri. The quartet consisting of fiddler Darol Anger, mandolinist Joe K. Walsh, guitarist Grant Gordy, and bassist Aidan O’Donnell, presents a mixture of everything from jazz, bluegrass,

  • Solitary Diamond – Laura Orshaw

    There's not much about the fiddle that Laura Orshaw doesn't have an absolute command of, and she demonstrates that to great effect on her new solo effort from Dark Shadow Recording, Solitary Diamond. Arguably one of today's top traditionalists on

  • Black Banjo – Tray Wellington

    Sometimes you can look at the name of an artist or a producer and be pretty sure what's coming. Song after song in the same style, often at similar tempos and mostly in one or two keys. Needless to say,

  • DobroSinger – Abbie Gardner

    It's not typical for a dobro player to sing lead, especially when the musician in question is a soloist. However, that is exactly what Abbie Gardner of the Americana trio Red Molly has done on her latest solo effort, DobroSinger.

  • Yonderings – Joe’s Truck Stop

    Founded by Joe Macheret (vocals, guitar, big head banjo, fiddle, percussion), Joe's Truck Stop is a decidedly homegrown affair. Yonderlings, the third album by the Cincinnati-based band — which also includes musicians Andrew McPheters (harmony vocals, 5-string banjo), June Youngblood

  • Alegria – FlamenGrass

    Ask the average aficionado with an expressed affinity for flamenco or for bluegrass, and chances are, most will dismiss any similarity between the two. Granted, both demand an advanced level of instrumental dexterity, but given their disparate origins, any other

  • Hair & Hide – George Jackson

    The combination of the fiddle and the banjo is one of the world's oldest musical traditions, dating back before the beginning of the Civil War. On Hair & Hide, fiddler George Jackson digs deeper into this tradition by presenting a