• Jared Rabin — Chasing The Light

    Produced, recorded, and mixed by the artist entirely on his own, Chasing the Light, a new independent release from Jared Rabin, is another fine example of his ability to mine great material from a bluegrass template, while also gleaning a compelling set

  • Walk On Faith – The King James Boys

    Since 1994 The King James Boys have spread the gospel message through the sounds of traditional bluegrass music. Their latest release, Walk On Faith, shows the group's masterful combination of styles along with strong original material. The album's title cut, Walk On Faith, written by

  • Apple & Setser – Apple & Setser

    Apple & Setser — a duo consisting of Brad Apple and Pam Setser — have officially been a pair since 2017, although they’ve played music together on and off for 30 years. Each started out in a family band, but of the

  • Silver Bird – Nick Chandler & Delivered

    Mandolinist Nick Chandler and his western North Carolina based group, Delivered, have made a name for themselves as one of today's premier traditional bluegrass artists. Their latest release, Silver Bird, on Pinecastle Records, is a continuation of the straight ahead

  • Too Late For Tonight – Drive Time

    Central North Carolina-based bluegrass band Drive Time has released a new project, Too Late For Tonight. Drive Time is comprised of Tyler Jackson on banjo, Austyn Howell on guitar, Austin Koerner on mandolin, Katie Koerner on fiddle, and Bailey Coe

  • Lines in the Levee – Town Mountain

    Widely — and wisely — considered one of the current mainstays of the so-called newgrass movement, Town Mountain take a decided step back in time with their new release on New West Records, Lines in the Levee. That’s not to

  • Losing Time – Route 3

    Route 3 of Purdy, MO has been receiving steady recognition for their firm stamp on contemporary bluegrass music. Their second release, Losing Time, on Pinecastle Records places even more emphasis on that originality. Ten of the album's eleven songs were written by